This 4 Day live Program prepares you for your Husband


He who finds a wife finds a good thing ‚ÄďProverbs 18:22


Do you notice how the word wife is used in this proverb? God didn't say, he who finds a woman. He says, he who finds a wife.

Women are brought into a place of isolation so that she can be carved into a wife before she is then presented to the man. Her whole life is turned upside down and she will be brought into his proximity when she is formed.

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June 8th 3pm - 5pm

 June 9th 3pm - 5pm


Our weekend together consists of

2 classes that begin to prepare you for your husband.


Lesson 1 speaks to the single culture. Why are there so many single women out there? This lesson is based around the mistakes that we make when dating and why modern dating just doesn't work. Many women feel like they're chasing their own tail or always attracting the wrong man. This lesson begins to shed light onto why this is happening and how to correct it. It also speaks to our female connection to beauty. What God will do when it's time for you to be a wife is that you'll become beautified in your own way. We live in a society where women are told how we must look and are trying to look a certain way because they think it brings them love. This leaves women lonely because it's their authentic self that makes them wives.


Lesson 2 speaks to what we need to look for when dating. Many women are confused as to how to date because modern society tells them how to date in a modern world yet it doesn't work. Dating apps are used incorrectly and most relationships are forced because the men you are meeting were not sent for your higher good but instead, as a distraction from the right man.There is a love story that is available for every woman. Lots of women have lost hope but this is because they have tried modern dating and always fallen short. This lessons covers the bigger picture of not only why you need a man but why you deserve a man. Love stories exist and they're better than a fantasy or a fairytale.



Receive complimentary interviews

Christopher Barthelme


In this interview, we discuss how important it is for men and women to lead with their natural roles along with toxic relationships and how to remove yourself.

Milford Stevenson


In this interview, we discuss the importance of taking care of your spouse and why the modern culture of self service and self pleasure will destroy the relationship.

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