Refund Policy


There is no exchange policy or refund available for fees payable in relation to Laura Bird's one-to-one sessions, courses/workshops, videos or audios connected to the https:/ website.

All fees are payable for the programme are outlined specific to the Client within the (digital) decree contract.  Once a session (or multiple sessions) is purchased, it is binding.

Laura Bird, as the Mentor, is committed to providing all clients in her sessions with a positive experience. By purchasing a session, you as the client agree that the mentor may, at its sole discretion, terminate this Agreement and limit, suspend or terminate client participation the session without a refund or forgiveness of payments if the client becomes disruptive or in violation of the terms.

No Show


If the Client decides to withdraw from the session or courses, no refund is issued. If the Client fails to show up for their private session or group session, no refund is offered.