“An angel delivered directly from God…Laura is the fairy Godmother we’ve all been searching for. Warm, witty and full of wisdom…she delivers all the hard hitting truths we need to hear, in the most kind and compassionate way.

I spent 8 years trying to heal, fix and find myself and after just 4 hours in her beautiful presence, I realise I’m perfectly imperfect as I am! Thank you for being you and sharing your wonderful message! Let’s embrace who we are and finally start LIVING!!!" - Corinne

Mentoring for


Learn to surrender to your Femininity 






I was so much in my masculinity and it hurt my relationships. Now that I've found balance, I'm very happy in a relationship that is getting stronger by the day.


It has helped me a lot to be able to recognise the good man I have by my side and to know how to maintain a relationship with him as well as accepting his healthy love. Your wisdom came into my life at the right time. 


It not only teaches me what I need to do differently but it also teaches my boyfriend what to do differently and how to handle his emotions as well. This is real energy work and I've learnt so much on how to align myself and my boyfriend into our natural selves. Thank you!