Women back to their Femininity

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Masterclass for Men:

How to become a Safe Man



Masterclass for Women:

Dating from the Feminine Essence



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date as a virtuous woman

This July



Join Laura for this 21 Day Transformational Journey and learn about the elegence of femininity, how to handle money and relationships and how to be the woman you were born to be.


For the woman who:


✓ No inspiration or purpose

✓  Loses days due to being upset

✓ Over spends to the point of stress

✓ Has a string of unsuccessfull relationships

✓ Addicted to self love practices

✓ Carries a sense of emptiness or feeling lost


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Complimentary Masterclass


Your guide to becoming a softer woman 


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Who is Laura Bird?


"Women find me once they realise that the way they are living is burning them out instead of turning them on!"


Laura is one of the leading speakers in the field of dating and relationships. She helps you to surrender to softness, attract love from your feminine nature and build relationships with masculine men.

She's skilfully carved a path for women to follow her on their own journey back to who they are underneath their survival state, anxious attachments and drama cycles.


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Wealth Expansion is a 13 week program which takes you through the journey of wealth, hosted by Laura. 
Learn how to attract wealth, be your own boss and choose fulfilment over hustle culture so you can soften your life and surrender to peace.


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This Initiation is a 21 Day program which takes you through the journey of the different archetype's of womanhood. 
Connect to all the aspects of you that you may have shut down and reignite your passion, voice, love and true purpose.


Gate Opens July 6th


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