Are you not tired of telling everyone that you're just waiting for the right guy?


Many women have fantasised about the perfect man since they were young but where is he? Every time you meet someone, it starts great but then just ends with a crash and burn like the last one so what are you doing wrong?

In this course, Laura teaches you how to attract a masculine man from your softness and how to keep him!



Part 1 for her

How to get a man


Being feminine is a gift that you were born with but life has caused you to forget. Life has told you that your strength and resilience is empowering when it's in fact, the opposite that is true. In this part of the course, learn about softness and how to surrender into vulnerability to attract your polar opposite – the masculine.



Part 2 for her

How to keep a man


You've found a good man? Congratulations! Now it's time for the real work to start because keeping the relationship is a whole other journey. You've been told that relationships are tough but this course encourages you to erase that because they're actually a lot easier than you realise and this course tells you why and how to do it.



Part 3 | for her and him

How to sexually open up to your man

How to lead your woman into bed


Sexual energy between you are your partner is crucial! Many women lose interest in sex because she's showing up in her masculine energy and ready to perform. This eventually gets tiring and she ends up blocking her orgasms. 

Men can lose interest in sex if he's not able to lead and show up as the man. He loses his confidence if he's rejected or made to feel that he is unwanted.



Part 4 | for him

How to find a woman


Don't worry gentleman. There are good women out there and I know this because I work with them every day. In the course, I talk you through the preparation you need to be ready to be a husband along with duties and gestures that make a woman feel special. Learn how to approach and stand confident.



Part 5 | for him

How to keep to a woman


This course in keeping a woman is nothing that you've been taught! It's not about how to meet her needs or make her happy, it's how to create respect with her and how to stand firm in yourself as a man. Believe it or not, you don't have to change... that much! This course will give you permission to be masculine.



Reconnect to your Womb

A woman who is connected to her womb is a woman who amplifies everything that comes into her life


Join Laura for her signature womanhood course. Learn how to connect to your womb, heal your traumas by regressing to your past and turn your life into womb-hood.