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This course covers the following topics:


Introduction, book and song recommendations

Songs and books to TURN YOU ON!


Assault and shut down:

We're all born with the sacred feminine energy but we shut it down until we learn how to use it and how to protect it. If we still believe it needs to be protected because we're not in control, we can't use it.


The invisible woman:

Many women find it difficult to be seen by those that they desire the most. They remain single and invisible or married and invisible. This video unearths the truth behind it and allows it to shift.


Wands and Yoni Eggs

Learning how to orgasm, squirt and build sexual energy using wands, eggs and your sacred man.


The Multiplying woman:

As a woman, you're the ultimate manifestor! So why can't you create your dream life? This video tells you why.


Painful sex:

It's common for women to experience pain during sex. Some women cannot have sex at all! This video guides you through simple techniques to shed this pain.